Justin Herman


Justin Herman, Veteran Jr. High Pastor and the man behind the podcast, Controlled Chaos

In this episode, we sat down with veteran Jr. High Pastor, podcaster, and speaker, Justin Herman.  Justin talked about his popular podcast, Controlled Chaos; his upcoming book by the same name; as well as staying healthy in youth ministry.

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00:34 – Introduction of Justin Herman

00:49 – Youth Ministry Shout Out (John Simmons)

1:25 – Welcome Justin; Justin’s personal background

4:25 – Background of Controlled Chaos podcast

9:15 – Controlled Chaos youth worker resource

10:20 – Kurt Johnston & Justin Herman co-author, Controlled Chaos book

13:25 – Opportunity to win a free Controlled Chaos book autographed by Kurt & Justin

13:32 – Justin makes a church/ministry transition & talks about how to do it well/not well

17:50 – What Justin would do if he won the Power Ball lottery

21:00 – Making changes – hard or not hard?

23:48 – The connection between Jr High and High School youth pastors

29:43 – Maintaining balance isn’t good, it’s actually bad

33:55 – What will Justin share as a speaker at Multi Summit conference?

34:38 – HTDT Podcast sponsors

35:52 – Lighting Round questions

40:35 – Getting connected with Justin & Controlled Chaos

41:43 – Speaking at Youth Specialties Conference in Nov.

42:53 – Final thoughts from Brent & Lauren

43:28 – Future episodes

44:17 – HTDT Podcast sponsors

44:29 - Credits


HOW TO CONTACT Justin Herman & Controlled Chaos:

Blog: Controlledchaos.fun

Social media: @heyjustinherman

Instagram: Controlled Chaos Podcast



Central Christian College of the Bible

CIY – Christ In Youth

Controlled Chaos book release

Youth Specialties – National Youth Workers Conference

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