Episode Zero

Episode Zero

Brent Squires & Lauren Gibeault

Welcome to How’d They Do That podcast! In episode zero we are excited to introduce you to our hosts, Brent Squires and Lauren Gibeault, and take a look at all the future guests we will have on the show! With over 30 years of ministry experience, Brent and Lauren have combined their passions for God, students, youth workers & podcasts to create this excellent resource - How'd They Do That? If you love God, youth and podcasts- this is the show for you!

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SHOW NOTES: EPISODE 0 (Brent & Lauren)

In this episode, Brent & Lauren introduce themselves, state the purpose of the podcast, and provide the inspiration for staring it in the first place. In addition, they subject themselves to the “Lightning Round” – asking four questions to each other that they will ask all future guests.

HOW TO CONTACT Brent Squires & Lauren Gibeault:

· hello@htdt.org

· www.bayareacc.org/students


· Sacred Enneagram = www.biblegateway.com/blog/2017/09/the-sacred-enneagram-an-interview-with-christopher-l-heuertz

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